7 02, 2020

Davagh Dark Skies & The Shepherds Rest Campsite both share the same Dark Sky.

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Davagh Dark Skies Centre which opens soon, is just a few kilometres from the shepherds rest campsite. Stargazers for centuries have flocked to Beaghmore Stone Circles to observe the Night Skies. Because of it's remoteness and elevation is exceptional for Stargazing. It pre dates 2000 BC. Several stone circles have been uncovered but many

3 02, 2020

Night Sky, Star Watching, Stargazing in Northern Ireland

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Davagh Dark Sky Observatory - Stargazing not far away from The Shepherds Rest. 2020 will bring a whole new star-gazing experience to Mid Ulster, when a Dark Sky Observatory and Visitor Centre opens at Davagh Forest, near Cookstown. Davagh has one of the ‘darkest skies’ in Ireland, which means there is so