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Our Catering business provides a quality eating experience set in a area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and serviced by a committed and supportive family and part-time local help. Our venue is quiet, relaxing, hassle free, with ample parking and no congestion. We have a well ventilated function room with patio doors opening onto a large veranda. Which is set within a safe secure garden which is ideal for a relaxing stroll before or after a meal . stroll. We have coach/bus parking and ramp access for wheel chairs. In the garden we have a quaint half door cottage with hearth fire which is used for wedding photo’s and summer campers Groups which have used us in the past have chosen us because of our special qualities, good home cooking, friendly attentive staff, set in the middle of the countryside Some of these groups are as follows. The Women’s Insitute For day trips,P.W.A. Day trips, Vintages clubs (because of ample parking) Historical Society (because of local history and historians) Nursing homes, Retired teacher Associations, Age concern groups ,SVP, and all types of family functions.

We provide a venue for weddings and can arrange all the finer details. From cake to Limo’s and any other needs of the bride or groom.

At present we are working with a few local tour operators to provide a stop of venue for a rest and something to eat during tours. Most bus tours like Tea/Coffee selection of fresh made scones with Jam & Cream. in the morning and evening dinner followed by sweet and tea. Our food is sourced locally were possible. All meals are home cooked and prepared on site. And because we deal with pre-booked groups we can achieve what our customers request due to our flexibility. Our attention to detail and ability to focus on individual needs makes our product attractive to new customers. A lack of availability of such services exist in the Sperrins.

This a new development which has developed out of a need for camping in the Sperrins. We provide the garden for campers and camper vans. We have a unique garden house which campers use to gain a sense off space when eating or relaxing in front of the hearth fire which we lights at night for campers when they return from their days cycling or walking or what ever. We conducts market research from all campers to build a picture off what they like about our product and the area. They have told us that it is the Spectacular views which they appreciate. Just to be able to sit beside a river or half way up a mountain road and just loose the world for a few hours, is so rewarding to both mind and body, in this stressful finical rat race that everyone is in. The campsite and function room are attached to a rural pub where back ground music is the order of the day a turf fire local banter. Looking at the visitors book We have had visitors from Antrim who said ‘Not far from home, but could have been a million miles away loved it Thank you. We hve even had wedding guests camping.

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