The Shepherd’s Rest was opened by the Doyle family on the 13/02/1930. Before that a family by the name of Bradley owned the premises. The late Michael Doyle returned from America and purchased the business. The name was given to the bar after it was refurbished and opened by the present Michael Doyle and Bernadette Doyle on the 25/10/1967. They are still at the helm of the business and assisted by Colin, Josephine and the rest of the family team.

Over the years many things have been said and written about the Shepherd’s Rest but one of the best known is the song “Moyola River” written by a past customer Gerald Conway.



The Shepherd’s Rest

Have you ever been to the Shepherd’s Rest?
When the snow was awful deep.
Two men sat on stools at the bar Gillespie and a man called Pete.

Well the pounds went down
And the drinks went round;
Trouble was awful near
When old Annie came in, in a mini-skirt
And changed the atmosphere
Oh, these men did gaze; in a type of amaze,
And they stared her right in the face.
As she stamped on the floor,
She reached for the door,
And ordered them out of the place.
While up the stairs sure the music blared
And they sang through the microphone.

But Gillespie and Pete were put to the street,
To fight it out on their own;
Well they fought and tossed through the snow and the frost.

Till’ Gillespie was put to the ground.
As he got on his foot, he knew he was cut,
So he made for the road to the town.
Well Pete went in and called for a Gin,
And he threw her down a pound.
As he sipped the gin, he knew he had won;
So he went home to the Eiderdown.
Well there was Joe Thomas, who they say was very honest;
It was him brought the news to the town,
For he told it to Fullen; with no one but Bonne in.
And that’s how the crack got around!

Paddy Trolan